Vawlei cung raldo nak Helicopter tha cem 10 hna khuazei ram nih dah a ngeih?

An AH-64 Apache rises from behind a hill during a training exercise at Yakima Training Center. The AH-64E Guardian replaces the AH-64D "Longbow" and integrates more powerful engines, improved rotor blade technology and advanced electronics.

10. Mil Mi-24 Hind (Russia)

9. Boeing AH-64D Longbow Apache (USA)

8. Agusta A129 Mangusta (Italy)

7. Denel AH-2 Rooivalk (South Africa)

6. Z-10 (China)

5. Eurocopter Tiger (France/Germany)

4. Mil Mi-28 Havoc (Russia)

3. Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B (Russia)

2. Bell AH-1Z Viper (USA)

1. AH-64E Apache Guardian (USA)

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