UN Security Council ah Russia an i chuahsual, an lungrawk tuk lai

Russia nih UN Security Council meeting a auh. Syria thuatnak he pehtlaih in US le a hawile fak piin soisel ding biatung a dirh nain ram 2 lawng nih an tanpi, UN Security Council chungtel 15 lak ah ram 2 Bolivia le China lawng nih an bawmh i a dang nih US le a hawile an tanpi caah Russia an sung.

President Donald Trump nih Syria cozah kan kah lai tiah warning a pek lio ah Russia nih hriamnam in kan lehrulh lai tiah an rak chim nain an lehrulh ngam lo. US, UK le France nih Syria an thuatmi cu ram tampi nih an tanpi.

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