Dawr hngaktu pahnih nih mifirpa meithal in an kah chih, mifir pa cu a hma a fak ngai

US ram Oklahoma dawr pakhat ah minak pa a lut, phaisa chuh dih a timh hna i dawr hngaktu nih meithal an i lak i an kah chih, meithal ai ken mi mifir pa nih phaisa a lak i chuah a timh nain kutka an hrenh khenh i a kir i dawr hngaktu nu nih a kah colh.

Minak pa zong nih a tlik pah in a kah ve hna nain a khen hna lo. Minak pa cu a hma he pawngkam sizung ah a phan a hma a fak ngai caah atu hi sii in an thlop lio a si.

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